A Band Called Death on Netflix


It’s pretty darned cool – and gratifying – to see a film that played at the Lake Placid Film Forum show up on Netflix.

A Band Called Death is a documentary that played in June 2013 at the Forum.  By now, it needs no further introduction.  But just in case you haven’t heard about it or seen it yet (or watched it at the Forum and would like to view it again), A Band Called Death is the captivating tale of how a Detroit-based punk band ahead of its time received revival and notoriety years later.  The Hackney brothers who populated the band, self-proclaimed “preacher’s sons,” are a pleasure to watch.  The documentary judiciously employs all of the right techniques to move the story forward, but never overwhelm the heart of the narrative – the funny, tragic, and ultimately engrossing story of these unique men and the people who surround them.


Director Mark Covino was at the Film Forum in June, an occasion which marked the last stop on his film festival tour, and a homecoming of a sort – Mark had been a fledgling filmmaker years before on a visit to the Film Forum.  You can read about Mark and his experience making the film and bringing it to Lake Placid HERE.







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