Film Forum Coordinator T J Brearton Interviews Director Mark Covino

Mark talks about his first film festival experience at the Lake Placid Film Forum in 2002, as a student in the Sleepless competition in 2007, the long road to his success as the co-director of A Band Called Death, the state of Hollywood, and more.


“Hollywood has basically given up on trying to make good, original, thought-provoking movies.  Everything is about beating out box office records, which means a good story is incidental. I enjoy mindless popcorn movies just as much as the next guy, but there used to be more of a balance between the fluff and the art.”

Click Here for the full Article  (Warning: Rated R for punk rock language)


Ray_ Harryhausen

Mark and Ray Harryhausen at the 2002 LPFF





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