Lights, Camera… Actors

For the past seven years the Lake Placid Film Forum has been home to a unique, educational event – the 24 hour student filmmaking competition.  Dubbed “Sleepless in Lake Placid,” the event challenges teams of film students from regional colleges to make a short film in a 24 hour period.  Over the years, the resulting films have been hilarious, thought-provoking, dark, witty, innovative, and spectacular.

Each year, actors are called to participate in the films.  The roles they play range from dead bodies in bathtubs, to “special” individuals who carry around stuffed animals for pets, to hitmen, health inspectors, fallen athletes, and more.  The actors come from all over, journeying from as far away as Los Angeles, or walking down the street from their local home to join in the excitement.

We’re proud to show off this year’s talented bunch.


Elissa Klie_0293 webSal Fusco-0062-Edit-low res - Copy



ChrisWilliamssoozieleubert - Copy





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