the buzz about the biz: local theater crisis gets media attention

Recently the Adirondack Film Society held a press conference officially announcing their participation in helping to create a regional coalition of independently owned and operated movie theaters – our Adirondack small town theaters facing the crisis of going out of business unless they can afford to convert to digital projection or successfully adapt to an alternative model for their business.  Part of the assistance provided by the AFS is pursuing economic development grants within the state and regionally.  But another large part of what the non-profit is doing is helping to raise awareness – most people don’t realize that they may lose their hometown theater, what’s at stake, or why.  Some publications, like the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, have been on this story for quite some time.  And a panel discussion was held on this topic at the Lake Placid Film Forum in June.  The rest of us are catching up, and realizing what a story it really is.  Thanks to all the great reporters and writers who are bringing the discussion out of the projection booth and into the living room.

Danger at the Drive-in: Glens Falls Post-Star

Reel Issues:  Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Burlington Fox News Report



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