“chicken with plums” – showing saturday june 16th 930 PM, palace theatre


Directors/Screenwriters:  Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

France/Germany. 2011, 91 min.

Saturday, June 16th 9:30 PM – Palace Theatre


Iranian-born Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud have created something unique – a live action movie that is so full of cinematic invention and playful charm it’s like a ride on a magic Persian carpet. Like Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo,” the film celebrates the magic of moviemaking and the creativity of such early film pioneers as Georges Melies. There’s even a fleeting tribute to Federico Fellini. 1950’s Iran has been recreated in a studio outside Berlin to look almost as benign as the Hollywood Technicolor movies of the “50’s. One quick, but memorable scene, captures the delight of a child catching his first snowflake on his tongue. The child’s joy is in sharp contrast to the morose mood of the film’s main character, Nasser Ali Khan, a celebrated violinist whose priceless violin has been destroyed by his wife in fit of anger. Convinced he can no longer play, Khan has decided to retreat to his bed and starve himself to death. Azrael, an unusually chatty Angel of Death, drops by for an exit interview one evening. But the memories from Nasser’s past come flooding back, images that tell an extremely poignant story of lost love.


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