“searching for sugar man” – showing thursday, june 14, 9 PM, palace theatre



Director/Screenwriter:  Malik Bendjettout
Sweden/United Kingdom, 2011, 85 min
Thursday, June 14th 9 PM, Palace Theatre
$10  (Tickets available at box office)

You would think this story of an obscure American rock musician, whose music helped to comfort and inspire South Africans during the years of apartheid, is pure fiction. But this unusually heartwarming documentary is actually a real life fairy tale. For once upon a time – that is back in the late ’60’s – there was a soft-spoken singer named Rodriguez, who insisted upon performing with his back to the audience in murky bars in his home town of Detroit. He was discovered by Motown, but his first record was a flop.There was a disturbing rumor going around that he had committed suicide out of despair over his career. Years go by and a bootleg copy of Rodriguez’s record suddenly surfaces in South Africa where his heartfelt anti-establishment songs are an instant hit, despite the fact that the apartheid government stamped the word, avoid, on every one of his records. At this point the film turns into an intriguing detective story as two South African fans set out to find out what really happened to the one time Detroit bricklayer who was more popular in their country than either Elvis or the Rolling Stones.   (Kathleen Carroll)


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