The Place Beyond the Pines

Recently, with the support of the Lake Placid Film Commission (part of the Adirondack Film Society), a feature film starring Ryan Gosling called The Place Beyond the Pines wrapped production.  Filmed primarily in Schenectady, NY, the story’s final scene called for a pastoral setting with stunning views of a mountain range.  Do we have that in the Adirondacks?  Yes we do.

Thanks to Mike Camoin, a filmmaker from Albany who helped scout locations for the Pines movie, a location was found near Vermontville which thrilled the director and producers.  To read about Mike’s experience scouting for the final scene, its production, and a look at the history of filming in Upstate, NY, check out this “Scouting the Adirondacks” in the Lake Champlain Weekly.

To read about the film’s principal location,  Schenectady, the toughness which inspired and pervades the film and get a few words from the director, Derek Cianfrance, check out “Mean Streets” in The Free George.


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