thursday, june 16th – opening night

Written and Directed by Lori Kelly-Bailey
Cast: Cuyle Carvin, Paul Sorvino, William Sadler, Jamie Tisdale
USA, 2011, 90 min Thursday, 6:00 pm – Palace Theatre  $10 at the door
Based on actual events, Mineville presents the rise and fall of the iron ore mining industry in New York State at the turn of the century. We follow the lives of several Irish and Italian immigrant families struggling to survive the dangers of an unregulated industry. Michael O’Roarke, a miner, pursues equality, justice, and safer working conditions for all immigrant workers whose lives hang in the balance, with slim chance of seeing the light of another day. With grit and realism, Mineville plumbs the depths of the fear, claustrophobia, courage and determination of Michael and those like him. This is the story of drawing iron ore up from the belly of the earth, a fitting allegory to the industrial workers of this country who built the skeletal foundation of America.



Director: Cara Perlman
Featuring: Jessica Jerome, Alissa Johnson, Lindsey Van
USA, 2010, 58 min Thursday, 8:30 PM – Palace Theatre  $10 at the door

They can fly off a ski jump with the greatest of ease. But as director Cara Perlman reveals in this remarkably frank documentary, the members of the U.S. Women’s Ski Jumping team have not had an easy time of it. The team members, who include world champion Lindsey Van, had to “put in 110%” to even be able to compete in a high risk sport that offers little financial support. At the same time, they were trying to convince the International Olympic Commitee that women ski jumpers should be allowed to compete in the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Unlike the usual glossed over television profiles of Olympic athletes, this film gives one a real sense of the pressure-cooker atmosphere and personal


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