“110%” – a festival premiere



Sixty miles per hour down a long steep ramp, jumping the length of a football field, ski jumping is the original extreme sport…

It was also the only sport in the winter Olympics without an event for women…

THE FILM This is the story of 7 girls who have been ski jumping most of their lives.  Now they are possibly the best team in the world.

110% tracks the U.S. women’s ski jumping team and their quest for Olympic acceptance.

THE CHARACTERS 110% tells the story of 5,6, then 7 driven athletes over a four-year period. The US women have a truly strong and committed team.  These mostly teenage girls spend a lot of time together, training, touring, and competing.  Allegiances are reforming and constantly shifting.   There are interpersonal setbacks along the way but there is an underlying determination to be a strong and successful group.   Lindsey Van, 21, the unofficial leader, is very tough focused and a bit of a punk, someone who won’t quit. Jessica Jerome, 19, is charismatic and brainy but not quite able to keep pace athletically with her rival, Van.  Lindsey and Jess have been in the top 5 for the last few years.  Alissa Johnson, 19, is a prima dona who can be difficult to deal with and impossible to please.  She is also a steady striver, determined to go at her own pace. Abby Hughes, 17, a trusting tomboy, is still afraid of heights and sometimes insecure about her place on the team.   Brenna Ellis, at 18, is private, uncertain about her role as a committed ski jumper in this group but can’t quite tear herself away.  Avery Ardovino is an easygoing charmer at 14 whose innocence brings optimism to the team.  Eventually 13-year-old record breaker Sarah Hendrickson joins this alliance and becomes a quickly rising star.

THE STORY The US women’s team train and compete 10 months a year, deal with each other and strive to be the best in the world.  They have also been dismissed by and simultaneously pulled into the politics of international sport where they are defending their right to be part of the highest honor in amateur athletics.  Ski jumping was the only sport in the Olympics that excluded women.  Was it the politics of old fashioned men holding back women?  Was it about money, for X-Games or for the more commercialized men jumpers?  Were these women not good enough athletes?  Olympic officials brushed them off. After years of strategies and international partnerships, a gender discrimination suit was brought on behalf of women’s ski jumping against Vancouver Olympics.

The athletes grow to understand what they can do and not lose sight of their goal, to excel in their sport.  Over a 4-year period a team becomes more philosophical.  They learn more how to deal with each other, their sport and have paved the way for the next generation.

“110%” will be showing at the Lake Placid Film Forum, June 16-19th 8:30 PM at the Palace Theatre.  Advanced Ticket Sales available!

110% from Seaperl Productions on Vimeo.


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