winter’s bone buzz, student competition highlights, film forum looks ahead to june

Winter’s Bone

Whether you feel Christopher Nolan’s script for “Inception” was a windbag of exposition, or a deftly constructed vivisection of the human subconscious, the original screenplay is up for an Oscar.  However, buzz on the “Winter’s Bone” nom for best picture is more unanimous and less bi-partisan.  It seems the sleeper film, first shown at Sundance in January 2010 and shortly thereafter at the Lake Placid Film Forum in June, is a bonafide hit.

After the screening in June, novelist and Film Forum co-founder Russell Banks sat down with the film’s co-writer and director, Debra Granik, for an interview.  …Only, Debra was in New York City, and Russell was sitting on the stage of the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.  See it here:

No, not that Leo; the other Leo

Meanwhile, imagine hard-working screen actress Melissa Leo in a maelstrom of flashing bulbs, glittering sequins, red carpets, and interviews stacked upon press junkets stacked upon awards shows.  The 50 year-old actress is another example of the myth of overnight successes – she’s been at her trade for thirty years.  After Frozen River was shown at the Lake Placid Film Forum in 2008, accompanied by Leo and the film’s writer director Courtney Hunt, it went on to rave critical acclaim and success at the box office and DVD.  Followed by roles ranging from bit parts (Everybody’s Fine) to headlining (Welcome to the Rileys), Leo then went on to step into another powerhouse role – that of the irascible mother to two brothers in the boxing biz with The Fighter. After winning a Golden Globe earlier this month for that performance, she’s now up for the Oscar, too.

This year’s LPFF June 16-19

At the Lake Placid Film Forum, we like to get on board with filmmakers, actors, and their projects a little bit ahead of the rest of the world.  If the many successes of Winter’s Bone and Melissa Leo since their appearances at he LPFF are any indication, this year should prove to be another unforgettable one.

Also coming back this year, the 5th Sleepless in Lake Placid student filmmaking competition promises to deliver more high-energy entertainment with five to six colleges ennobled to make a film in 24 hours and compete for the Robin Pell and Audience Choice Awards.  Last year’s competition also set a precedent – awarding Best Actor (Scott Danni) and Best Actress (Sunny Rozakis) as well.  Check out this fantastic short video of last year’s highlights. 

Thanks for all of your support over the years, and we look forward to seeing you June 16-19!  You can stay up to date by visiting our recently refurbished website, and for more news and information, this blog, and your regional newspapers, radio, and television.  Also, sign up for our newsletter by emailing:


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