sample post

this is a sample post for the proposed “fade in: lake placid film forum blog.” this site is not yet live.

the idea is to have attractive, entertaining material; fresh articles about once a week. the articles will be about former participants of the lake placid film forum and what they are doing now, as well as things happening with film that are of particular interest because they are happening regionally, or they are of interest to our benefactors, or they generally help present the film forum as a progressive, intimate event which focuses on emerging talent as well as outstanding members of the field.

an example of an article may be the progress of director christina vinsick, whose film showed at the first annual north country shorts program, or about a william kennedy project, or kevin craig west; an acknowledgment of russell banks, a story about the region as mentioned in forbes, or the film forum making moviemaker‘s “top 25 coolest list,” or about filmic events happening in essex county, and so on.

newly posted articles would be mentioned on the film forum’s facebook page, with a link to the blog. as you can see over to the right of the site (as well as multiple times within the body of this post itself), there is a link to our main site. there is also a link to the facebook page. these creates a “loop,” or triangle. this is what successful businesses do to promote to and serve their patrons.

selected contributors can write a blog article, and, as approved by tony, send it over to me. they don’t have to be very long – a good blog article is about 250-500 words. purely informational blurbs are o.k., but it tends to be more interesting for the reader to experience a little bit of story. this will keep people coming back to the blog, and thus linking to our main site, and kept in-the-know about our fundraisers, micro-events, and progress towards next year’s program. in short, it generates interest, traffic, and excitement to have the blog.

images are easily added and included with articles, and the design or “look” of the blog site itself can be easily changed, and the content easily updated and managed.

filmforumlogo by you.


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